Merlijn Tishauser

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(technical) agile coaching
ci/cd • devops • sre
(technical) agile coaching
continuous delivery • devops • sre

Quality === Simplicity

As an independent technical agile coach I am specialised in helping teams and organisations to accelerate and excel. Strong hands-on experience in software development, devops and sre distinguishes me from most agile coaches. Both in big enterprises as in small startups I have improved processes (agile) and engineering (ci/cd). Extreme programming has had a big influence on me and I am continuously looking for ways to improve on quality.

I always try to use my common sense and value the beauty of simplicity and quality.

Training sessions and workshops

As an experienced trainer and facilitator I really enjoy working with groups. I tend to avoid slides and aim for as much interaction as possible.
As a side-effect, principles and values might pop up as well. Previous training sessions and workshops have covered:

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