I am Merlijn Tishauser

and I'm a photographer and technical agile coach

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Lessons learned practicing XP solo
Merlijn Tishauser reflects on his 18 years of solo programming, where he navigated various challenges without formal training, learning through practical experience. Key lessons include the effectiveness of explaining programming problems to a non-human listener (a goat named JP) for problem-solving, the utility of writing user stories for personal project management, and the importance of investing time in tool development to enhance productivity and code quality.

Butchers at work in Madeira


As a passionate photographer and student at the Fotoacademie in Amsterdam, I find joy in the art of capturing simplicity with a touch of elegance.

My journey in photography is marked by a continuous quest for quality, driven by a keen desire to refine my concepts and techniques. Each image I create is a reflection of my evolving artistry, born from a blend of education and interaction with the world around me.

Photography, for me, is not just about the end result but the process of growth and learning that each snapshot encapsulates. My approach is to make every photograph a meaningful expression of my perspective and skill.

Old violin, analogue with technical camera

technical coaching

As a technical agile coach I am specialised in helping teams and organisations to accelerate and excel.
Strong hands-on experience in software development, devops and sre distinguishes me from most agile coaches.

Both in big enterprises as in small startups I have improved processes (agile) and engineering (ci/cd).
Extreme programming has had a big influence on me and I am continuously looking for ways to improve on quality.

I always try to use my common sense and value the beauty of simplicity and quality.

February 2024: Right now, I am employed and not available as technical coach. Check my linkedIn profile for the current status and feel free to connect.

Father and son cycling in the forest


As a photographer and technical coach, my world isn't confined to just my professional pursuits. I'm also an enthusiastic cyclist, embracing the thrill and freedom of the ride. Discover my cycling escapades on Strava and feel the adrenaline and passion that drive me.

For a deeper insight into my life and interests, visit my personal website at www.gargleblaster.org. Let's connect and share this exciting journey of photography, technology, and cycling!